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Carve Technology from Bent Fish design

Carve Technology from Bent Fish design


Welcome to the Carve series of underwater hockey sticks – easily the coolest things we’ve ever made. The Carve series was designed to meet the growing needs of increasingly skilful players worldwide – demanding sticks capable of smoother, faster skills (and maybe a couple of massive flicks, just to appease the teenage boys).

The Carve Family

Squidgy Biased Texture

The biggest change in the Carve family this year is our new texture technology. BentFish is proud to introduce the first ever underwater hockey stick with directionally biased textures.  Check the photo above and you’ll see a layered angular texture effect on the surface of our sticks.  These new textures provide differing amounts of grip dependent on which way the puck is moving.  We’ve designed them so the puck moves easily towards your hand but resists moving away from it.  This means it’s much harder for the opposition to tackle you, easier for you to tackle them and the puck grips the front edge longer for superior loft, distance and control on passes.  Yup, we think it’s awesome too. 



The Carve 2011 series now comes in four sizes.   The 252, 265, 279 and the all new 290.  Each is named by  the length of the stick in mm, and by association, it’s general mass/speed.   The shorter sticks are optimised for very, very fast puck control skills and the larger ones are optimised for punching, passing and tackling.  Just pick the right balance for your game style and start shredding the opposition.


Squidgy Technology

Squidginess is a wonderful thing. If you haven’t experienced the revolution of soft textured hockey sticks yet then you haven’t experienced what you’re truly capable of doing with a puck. Nothing gives you more control than a Carve and our 2011 textures give more control than ever before.

The surface of the sticks have been treated in all control / grip zones to give a squidgy, rubberised feel on your hand and on the puck.  We’ve used textures specifically designed to increase the surface area and grip on all contact areas of the stick (just grabbing a rasp and roughing it up doesn’t really cut it with this stuff).  This means the stick actively grips both your hand and the puck to give a level of control that makes anything you’ve played with before pale in comparison.  Think of the difference between a wooden wagon wheel and a modern car tyre and you’ll get the idea.  In fact, just for the geeks out there (like me), we’re offering the squidgyness in two hardnesses (medium and soft).  The medium hardness is about the same as your car tyre, the soft is about the same as a bicycle inner tube.  Like formula 1 tyres, softer squidge equals better grip at the price of lower durability.  We’ve left the plastic hard wherever it touches the tiles, but softer squidge will still degrade faster than harder squidge.  Choose wisely. 


Yes, they’re legal.  The squidge isn’t a coating or covering.  The sticks are a single homogenous chemical substance all the way through, we’ve just sorted out how to make it change hardness in all the right places.  Clever us eh?


Q. Why are my white carves dis-colouring and/or going creamy? Does this affect their strength?


A. The squidgy elastomer suffers from U.V. damage which is accelerated when in contact with chlorine. So to reduce this keep them in the dark and free of chlorine when you can. There is no loss of strength


The BentFishCrew chemist has reduced the level of dis-colouring by using a range of pigments and dyes and is always keeping watch on plastics research for new and improved materials and techniques for the elves.  


In the interim, if you run into a hairy backed Arbitre (french referee) , the sticks will accept a light coat of spray paint without trouble and without affecting their performance.



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